Hard work and passion will take it to the next level


Welcome to the Studio´s webpage. I hope we can work together soon.

Let´s begin with saying, that your song or production doesn´t have to break the bank! In other words, I offer services, that are able to compete and are very affordable.
If you are a rapper or beatmaker I very warmly welcome you to step into my studio, I have had several rappers rhyming in my place.
It is your vision, not mine, that`s why I try to honor what you have had in mind and then augment it to realize it´s full potential.


  • Recording 25e/h
  • Mixing starting at 130e/song
  • Mastering 35e/song 
  • Stem mastering 55e/song

My studio is fully treated and then calibrated with sonarworks. I use Cubase in concert with Uad Apollo X8 + dsp processing cards to achieve high plugin counts and softube console 1 . Topped with TC Electronics two powercore units loaded with plugins and sufficient overall horsepower to drive your productions to their best they can be. If that´s not enough, let´s throw in the Focusrite liquidmix and all in-the-box plugins, to finalize and end-all-disputes about the raw power to make things happen for your benefit. Rest assured, I have all the necessary bells and whistles to mix and master your “precious” to stand up with the competition. We all know it´s not about the gear, but ears. With that said, if you´re unhappy with the results, you´re free to get your money back 100%.

Contact me right away and let´s start working towards your end

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